Hard Chrome Alternative

Did you know the authorization from ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) for Hexavalent chromium (Cr⁶⁺) & Trivalent (Cr0₃) usage in Europe expires in September 2024?

Exceptional authorizations are possible under specific demand at ECHA, and the sunset date may be delayed for some applications;

However, the aim of the authorization is to guarantee that the risks resulting from the substance are adequately controlled and that this substance will be gradually replaced by other appropriate solutions and technologies, when these are economically and technically viable (article 55 of the regulation).

CLIN processes are already listed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as an alternative to Chrome Plating.

The table below compares the performance of Arcor® & Hard Chrome plating.

Hard ChromeArcor®
YWear ResistanceY
YCorrosion ResistanceY+
=Competitive price=
NFatigue benefitsY
YRisk of hydrogen embrittlementN
YChance of Peeling/flakingN
NLow & stable friction valuesY
NInternal surfaces treatedY

Many customers have already made the move to Arcor® from Hard Chrome Plating and are happy with the result.

Feedback Received:

  • “Improved fatigue, wear & corrosion resistance”
  • “Superior surface hardness, preventing scratches”
  • “Low coefficient of friction (extended components’ service life)”
  • “Cylinders can remain partially extended without risk of corrosion”
  • “Allows us to offer the industry’s best warranty”