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Group Processes

HEF Groupe operate a range of other surface engineering processes.

TSUK is able to offer advice and processing of parts to the below processes which are operated elsewhere within our group. Please contact us for further advice and information.

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Nitride coatings to improve mechanical properties, DLC coatings to improve tribological properties, Innovative coatings to modify electrical properties, Magnetron sputtering coatings to modify optical properties, Technical coatings to improve the visual aspect, Biomedical coatings to improve the performance of surgical tools & Smooth coatings to improve the performance of molds.

Steel Bushings, Composite Bushings, Spherical Bushings, Slides & Frictional Mechanical Components.

Mirrors, Optical Filters & Coatings, Fused Silica & Glass Fabrications.

Nitrocarbuizing, Carburizing, Annealing & Hardening, Quenching & Tempering, Vulcanizing, Aluminium Heat Treatment, Blackening, Boriding, Stop-Off Compounds, Thermochemical Cleaning.

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