SURSULF® is HEF’s original salt bath nitriding process. Utilizing Sulphur-activated, non-contaminating salts, suitable for ferrous metals.

Parts treated with SURSULF® salt bath nitriding effectively resist seizure.

The micro-layer inhibits the formation of frictional welding points and helps the retention of lubricants and assists the running-in of components.

The hard, yet ductile surface layers make SURSULF® treated parts compatible with mating surfaces without surface cracking or exfoliation.

Iron nitrides (primarily Ɛ-Epsilon type) and precipitated alloying elements form a compound layer on the surface of SURSULF® treated components significantly improving their wear resistance.

SURSULF® also produces substantial improvements in fatigue resistance delaying the formation of subsurface fatigue failiures such as pitting and flaking.

Compliant with all known nitrocarburizing standards – SAE Aerospace Material Specification 2753C.

Treatment Parameters

Treating ferrous materials (steel, cast iron, stainless steel and Inconel alloys) at temperatures typically between 540°C and 580°C and treatment times between 30 and 210 minutes. Precautions: Schedule 3-hour thermal stress relieving at 590°C (1094° F) minimum before final machining.


TSUK is home to the largest nitrocarburising baths in the UK, we can treat parts up to 1 metre in diameter and 3.2 metres in length.


Significantly improved:
Anti-Friction Properties
Wear Resistance
Seizure Resistance
Fatigue Resistance

No re-machining necessary after treatment


Gears, Camshafts, Sliders, Journals, Engine Linings, Rockers, Racks, Cutting Tools, Crankshafts, Hydraulic Cylinders, Stub Shafts, Wheel Hubs, Linkages, Universal Joints, Hinge Pins, Aluminium Alloy Casting Moulds, Pistons, Distributors, Etc.

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