Brake Components & Arcor®

Arcor® is a controlled liquid ionic nitriding treatment, known as CLIN, and is specified when a high-performance surface treatment is needed on brake components. The Arcor® process represents the latest in Liquid Nitriding technology and is available from the global Technique Surfaces jobbing shop network

It offers many advantages over the traditional metal finishing processes such as paint, zinc flake, zinc plating, zinc-nickel plating, electroless-nickel plating & hard chrome plating. Such as:

Brake Rotors

  • Significant corrosion reduction for increased rotor life
  • No compromise of braking characteristics
  • Prevents brake pedal or steering wheel shudder caused by an uneven buildup of rust on the rotor.
  • Nitrided rotors create less brake dust than untreated rotors.

Brake Pistons

  • Significantly higher corrosion resistance than chrome-plated pistons
  • Alternative to Chrome VI and for ecological reason (REACH, NOx)
  • Unlike Chrome VI, inner area is treated
  • Minimal distortion
  • Excellent friction properties
  • Compatible with brake fluid

Brake Pad Backing Plates

  • Much higher corrosion resistance and durability than conventional treatments
  • Good brake pad adhesion

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