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The Arcor® process represents the latest in Liquid Nitriding technology and is only available from Technique Surfaces companies globally.

Arcor® has an excellent combination of wear, friction and corrosion protection for a diverse range of low & medium carbon steels; high-nickel, high-chromium steels; and cast irons.

The process creates a 10–25-micron surface layer of epsilon iron nitride above a nitrogen diffusion layer.

The ductile compound layer delivers outstanding resistance to wear, seizure, scuffing, fatigue and corrosion.

Arcor®Q utilizes an oxidizing bath to enhance corrosion performance.

Arcor® is an alternative to other hardening processes, such as case hardening or hard chrome plating, with equal or better quality and ideally suited for individual parts.

Treatment Parameters

Treating ferrous materials (steel, cast iron, stainless steel, Inconel) at temperatures typically between 540°C and 580°C and treatment times between 30 and 210 minutes.


TSUK is home to the largest nitrocarburising baths in the UK, we can treat parts up to 1 metre in diameter and 3.2 metres in length.


Significantly improved:
Corrosion Resistance
Wear Resistance
Anti-Friction Properties
Seizure Resistance
Fatigue Resistance

No re-machining necessary after treatment


Automotive Components
Construction Equipment
Offshore Components
Aerospace Components
Hydraulic Tensioners

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