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The HEF Group, based in France, has been a global leader in the science of tribology (wear & friction) for more than 50 years.

Established as a research and development company, HEF subsequently applied its knowledge and experience to develop surface engineering solutions for improving the performance of industrial and automotive components.

Today, HEF is active in more than 21 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas, engaged in providing:

  1. Thermochemistry Nitriding Surface Treatments such as ARCOR®, TENIFER®, TUFFTRIDE®, MELONITE®, NUTRIDE®& QPQ® classified as Controlled Liquid Ionic Nitriding (CLIN) treatments.
  2. PVD & PACVD (Physical vapor deposition and plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition) based coating services. Providing carbon-based tribological deposits that enables synthesis of new and complex materials in thin layers on all types of substrates.Photonics, Understanding and control of surfaces, interfaces and optical components.
  3. FEMTOSECOND LASERS, This technology enables cutting, etching on a micron scale and the functionalization of the surfaces of all materials while respecting the environment thanks to a very low energy consumption and by a dry process without any effluent.
  4. HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGIES, Understanding of the surface phenomena related to the technologies: electrolysis/fuel cell and hydrogen engine.
  5. FUNCTIONALISED POWDERS, HEF technologies enable the manufacture of multi-material functionalized powders.Developing solid materials (3D printing) or surface materials (thermal, electrical properties).
  6. Friction Components, such as Bushings & Joints engineered for demanding industrial applications.
  7. Salts and processing plants for heat treatment processes, vulcanizing, thermal transfer & blackening.
  8. Tribology testing services.


Our primary jobbing service and product offerings include the following:

If your goal is to reduce equipment downtime; implement overall more cost-effective material selection choices; downsize a component without compromising its mechanical performance; or improve the service life and performance characteristics of mechanical components & tools – HEF has the global resources, and the local expertise, to help you achieve these goals. Our commitment is to help you realize and maintain a substantial competitive advantage, whether you manufacture automotive components, or industrial machinery, oil & gas industry equipment or medical devices.

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The TSUK site in Birmingham offers Controlled Liquid Ionic Nitrocarburising (CLIN) processes such as SURSULF®, ARCOR® and TUFFTRIDE® as well as TS CARBIDES® and KOLENE® metal surface cleaning. Read more…

HEF Groupe operate a range of other surface engineering processes which are not available at the site in Birmingham. TSUK is able to offer advice and processing of parts to our group processes. Read more…

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