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The TSUK site in Birmingham offers Controlled Liquid Ionic Nitrocarburising (CLIN) processes such as SURSULF®, TENIFER®, TUFFTRIDE® and ARCOR®.

Each process utilises salt bath technology to offer a range of benefits for treated components. These processes are continuously developed at our R&D facilities in France to adapt to changes in environmental and technical requirements. CLIN technology is modern, safe, REACH compliant ( no COV or NOx ) and fully focused on industry 4.0. If you require advice on which treatment process is suitable for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Arcor® process represents the latest in Liquid Nitriding technology and is only available from Technique Surfaces companies globally.


QPQ (Quench Polish Quench) is a thermochemical treatment that enhances wear, fatigue and corrosion properties of any ferrous material, with minimal distortion owing to the low process temperature of 580°C.

Tufftride® and its synonymous trade-names Tenifer®, Melonite® is a relatively simple CLIN process to operate and maintain and delivers exceptionally uniform case hardening.

SURSULF®, also known as ARCOR® C is HEF’s original salt bath nitriding process. Utilizing Sulphur-activated, non-contaminating salts, suitable for ferrous metals.

CLIN Treatments Aims

The aim of CLIN treatments, via a heterogeneous surface reaction, is to diffuse nitrogen and carbon atoms from the molten salt into the solid metal alloy. This process forms two distinct layers at the surface of treated components:

The nitrided surface offers benefits such as improved wear, anti-fatigue and anti-seizure properties as well as significantly improved corrosion resistance. For more detailed information on salt bath nitriding, please visit the HEF group page.

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