CLIN in Thread Rolling Dies

The HEF Group are globally trusted by manufactures of thread rolling dies to apply controlled liquid ionic nitriding treatments (CLIN). These surface treatments are thermo-chemical diffusion treatments that enrich the surface of ferrous materials with Nitrogen & a small amount of Carbon – both of which are present in the liquid nitriding bath.

The Arcor® process represents the latest in Liquid Nitriding technology and is available from the global Technique Surfaces jobbing shop network.

The Benefits of Arcor® on Thread Rolling Dies are:

  • Tool Durability: Optimal resistance against wear compared to other nitriding.
  • Tool Service Time: Increased as tools are not brittle even after several reprocess
  • Thermal fatigue: Improved by diffusion zone properties
  • Anti-sticking: Improved by the ceramic like features of the compound layer
  • Cracking Resistance: Improved from gradual heating and cooling & nitriding potential.

Techniques surfaces UK (TSUK) are based in Birmingham and are equipped to process: Flat thread rolling dies, Planetary & Circular thread rolling dies, Knurl dies, Form Rolling dies and Thread chasers in Arcor®

Please contact TSUK for further technical information or request a quotation.