High Performance Surface Treatments for Electric & Hybrid Vehicle E-Axle’s.

Traditionally combustion engine cars have used a differential to split the engine torque in two directions at different speeds. Power from the engine runs through a transmission and turns the vehicles axle in one direction. However, with the introduction of Electric & Hybrid Cars there is now another choice that no longer needs a differential. […]

ARCOR® Surface Treatments and Valvetrain Components.

Adhesive wear resistance and low coefficient of friction values are of paramount importance on valvetrain components. ARCOR® represents the latest controlled liquid iconic nitrocarburizing (CLIN™) surface treatment technology. It provides an excellent combination of wear and corrosion protection as well as enhancing friction properties These benefits are widely recognized and specified by engine manufactures to […]

Brake Components & Arcor®

Arcor® is a controlled liquid ionic nitriding treatment, known as CLIN, and is specified when a high-performance surface treatment is needed on brake components. The Arcor® process represents the latest in Liquid Nitriding technology and is available from the global Technique Surfaces jobbing shop network It offers many advantages over the traditional metal finishing processes […]

CLIN in Thread Rolling Dies

The HEF Group are globally trusted by manufactures of thread rolling dies to apply controlled liquid ionic nitriding treatments (CLIN). These surface treatments are thermo-chemical diffusion treatments that enrich the surface of ferrous materials with Nitrogen & a small amount of Carbon – both of which are present in the liquid nitriding bath. The Arcor® […]

Hard Chrome Alternative

Did you know the authorization from ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) for Hexavalent chromium (Cr⁶⁺) & Trivalent (Cr0₃) usage in Europe expires in September 2024? Exceptional authorizations are possible under specific demand at ECHA, and the sunset date may be delayed for some applications; However, the aim of the authorization is to guarantee that the risks […]