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Welcome to Techniques Surfaces UK

Techniques Surfaces UK (TSUK) is the UK subsidiary of the French company HEF Groupe. TSUK specialise in thermochemical surface treatments and in particular salt bath nitrocarburising. Offering several treatments patented and marketed by the HEF Groupe under the names ARCOR®, TENIFER®, TUFFTRIDE®, SURSULF®, MELONITE®, NUTRIDE® or QPQ®, these treatments are grouped together under the family name CLIN, Controlled Liquid Ionic Nitrocarburizing. For many years TSUK has successfully worked with customers primarily in the automotive, aerospace and oil and gas sectors.

Our parent company, HEF Groupe, is a world leader in surface engineering. With more than 60 plants operating in over 20 countries world-wide, we are capable of offering to our customers a total service ranging from research, through industrial development and technology transfer, to the utilisation of processes or the supply of components. TSUK is responsible for the commercial operation and distribution of surface treatments and processes developed by HEF and its subsidiary Durferrit throughout the UK and Ireland.

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