Our company

Based at its current Birmingham site since 1991, Techniques Surfaces UK Ltd. (TSUK) is established as the leading UK supplier of HEF’s Controlled Liquid Ionic Nitriding processing, having the largest processing capacity within the UK and offering the full range of HEF-Durferrit nitro-carburising processes, ARCOR, SURSULF & TUFFTRIDE, as well as the highly regarded TS CARBIDE Va/Nb carbide diffusion process. 

We are also able to offer sub-contract handling and advice on the application of other HEF-Durferrit surface treatment processes offered by our sister companies world-wide.

Centrally based within the UK, TSUK offers exceptionally high quality processing, backed up by excellent Quality Control with full technical support of our in-house laboratory facility and Group technical expertise.

We recognise the intense manufacturing demands placed on our customers and have built up an extensive expertise in safely handling surface sensitive components, coupled with an ability to offer optimum order turnaround.